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I have come across a new health and fitness articles directory.  While there are many article submission directories, this one focuses only on health, fitness and nutrition. While I think article marketing is great no matter what directory you use, I noticed that the bigger directories build page rank yet send very few visitors back to my blog.  I also found that many of the big article directories contain very spammy articles that don’t even attract readers.  I think niche article directories will be the new wave of article marketing since they can build page rank and send a stream of targeted traffic.

Basically article submission helps your promote your blog in two ways.  It builds a link back to your blog or website.  Most article directories let you do this by including links in the article you submit to them.  You can just have those links pointing back to your own site.  Building these so called back links is great for increasing your blogs search engine rankings which just means more search engine traffic.  Article submission also helps you get visitors to your blog or website.  Most article directories attract lots of traffic and many of the readers of your articles will click your article’s links and end up right back on to your blog or site.

The Inner Game of Weight Loss

Often when one wants to lose weight they focus on how to eat right and exercise more. While both are necessary to lose weight, they are the outer game of weight loss. There is a whole other aspect which is the inner game of weight loss. This aspect is often neglected and I believe it’s the reason most people never lose weight and keep it off.

If you take the average overweight person and magically make the extra 20-30 pounds he’s carrying disappear guess what will happen? Over the next year or two he will most probably gain back all that weight. How come? Because he still has bad eating habits and inconsistent exercising habits. So how do you replace bad habits with healthy ones? This is where inner game comes in.

The inner game has to do with building discipline. A practical example is exercising when you don’t feel like it. Understand that you wont always feel like going to the gym, so when you don’t feel like it just do it anyways push through it. The same with healthy eating. Often you wont feel like eating healthy foods yet you must do it anyways. After practicing exercising and eating healthy it will become habitual and will feel natural.

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How to Easily Get Tons of Free Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

This is a great technique that I learned about from other bloggers.  Basically you use google blog search to find blogs that cover simillar topics to the ones you write about on your blog.  Pick a post they wrote and write your opinion on it, be honest, and if you don’t agree with their views state that in your post.  In your post make sure you link to their post, and also ping it (or do a trackback) if you can.  That way they will see your post and probably write about it on their blog linking to your post.  Their readers will be checking out your blog and will often become regular readers of your posts.

Why You’ll NEVER Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Almost everyone focuses on the “outer game” of weight loss: dieting, eating right, exercising and so on.  This is why they never lose weight or if they do, they always gain the weight right back.  Many people have never even heard of the “inner game” of weight loss.

The “inner game” of weight loss is simply your thoughts, emotions, and attitudes that you need to work on to lose weight.  Say what? But I thought it was all about dieting…WRONG.  Here is a quick example.  Ever find yourself craving junk foods and reaching for them when you are depressed even though you’ve promised yourself to eat healthy?  I hope now you are starting to see how emotions can play a big role in permanent weight loss.

To deal with tough emotions you must do two things.  First you must try to eliminate the original source of those emotions if possible.  If it’s a stressful job, try looking for a new job, or talking to your boss about it.  Secondly you must find other relaxation activities instead of eating (taking a walk, calling up a friend, going to the movies etc.)

Another “inner game” factor of weight loss is your thinking.  Your thoughts are very important.  If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and always failed, you’ve probably got lots of negative thoughts in your head.  You probably think the following “I’ll never be able to lose weight”, “What’s the point of trying when I failed too many times”, or “Maybe I should just give up and accept being fat”.

These thoughts are holding you back, they are causing you to doubt yourself and sabotage your weight loss efforts.  Each time you find a negative through going through your head, you need to stop, and rephrase the thought positively.  So if you hear your mind saying “I’ll never lose weight”, say to yourself “I will lose weight” etc.

Once you take care of the “inner game” of weight loss, the “outer game” (like exercise, eating healthy etc.) will take care of itself.  Not only will you lose the weight but you’ll also be able to keep it off.

The Importance of Mortage Life Insurance

It surprises me how many people neglect signing up for cheap term life insurance or mortgage protection insurance. Some people don’t even know it exists. In life there are always good times and bad times. Often we don’t plan for those “bad” times and they end up devastating those closes to us when they come up.

While the subject of death is depressing, it is a part of life. Often the main bread winner for a family passes away and the family loses their home because they can’t pay their mortgage. A great mortgage life insurance company that I came across recently is NAA Life mortgage insurance . They basically pay off your mortgage in the event of your death so that your family isn’t stranded or homeless. As the main bread winner for your family it’s critical that you make sure they’ll be fine in the event that something happens to you and you pass away.

Lets face it you never know when your life will end. I know it’s a depressing thought but let’s be honest. Death is a part of life, no one live forever. Wouldn’t you feel a little better if you knew that your family would still have a home in the event you passed away? Getting mortgage insurance is almost like getting life insurance and shouldn’t be neglected.

Social Intelligence – Are you people smart?

Most people naturally fit into one of two catagories either book-smart or street-smart.  The street-smart bunch are often very people-smart – in other words they can connect with people instantly, have lots of friends, finds tons of opportunities through social networking etc.

I myself was always book-smart growing up.  I could learn anything on my own, through research and reading.  However interacting with others always made me a little nervous.  Social situations where I had to introduce myself to new people always left me stressed out.

I would meet many street-smart or socially intelligent people.  I would notice that they have super slick social skills yet their life isn’t going anywhere.  Often they lazy and just tried to use others for their own benefit.  Additionally they had a tough time getting organized or showing up on time.  So while I envied their social skills, I often didn’t envy the rest of their lifestyle.

After learning more about success and life in general I had an important realization.  I realized that success usually requires both, being book-smart and people-smart.  Since I had the book-smarts down, I started working on my people skills, and my social skills.

At first this was very uncomfortable.  For example I signed up for an “improv comedy” class and had to perform on stage in front of others which made me extremely nervous.  However as I started getting better social skills something pretty interesting happened.

I found that through my social network, I was getting a lot more opportunities for succes in life.  And since I had the book-smarts to back it up, success started becoming easier and easier whether it was in increasing my income, building more satisfying relationships or have a more fun lifestyle in general.

My Story – Part 2

Here is part 1 of my story if you missed it. When the valentine’s day incident happened (discussed in part 1 of my story) I was 13 years old. A typical day for me was waking up, walking/riding my bike to school (there was no school bus but it was a really tiny town in Pennsylvania so everything was close), and sitting in classes where I didn’t get most of what the teacher was talking about. School itself wasn’t hard but I was still learning English so I had difficulty understanding in general. Often my mind would drift and I discovered a new hobby at that time, guess what it was? Checking out hot girls.

In Egypt (my country of birth) most girls looked the same black hair, black or brown eyes, naturally tan/oily skin color etc. But in America I noticed blonds, brunettes and dark-haired girls, I was in heaven ;) well at least that’s what I thought until a couple of years later when I actually had the balls to approach a cute girl and realized it wasn’t as easy as it looked :( But I’ll discuss that in a future post.

Anyway I only lived in Pennsylvania for a little over a year, and then we moved to the suburbs of Chicago. By we I mean my immediate family (parents and younger brother). It was good and bad. It was good because my new school was pretty diverse, in fact white were only 40% of the school, Hispanics were 30% and the rest was mixed. My school back in Pennsylvania was 99% white mostly because it was in a really small town.

However moving to new school was challenging and to make it worse it was my freshman year of high school you know when all the upperclassmen make fun of you because you’re lost and can’t find you classes? I mean I moved from a school with 400 students to one with 2500, I looked dumb founded half the time walking around. The language barrier didn’t help either.

I still remember my first day at lunch. I go to the cafeteria to get food, I grab a slice of really greasy pizza, pay and then I pause and realize I gotta pick a table to sit at. Now most of the tables resembled different groups, there were the jocks, the skaters, the Mexicans, the band, etc. Of course I didn’t know a single person so I found a table with a couple students at one end and I just sat at the other far end away from them.

Of course this is social suicide in many ways. Now I know this but back then I didn’t. It’s amazing to see how far my social skills developed however this is another story for another time, and yes I did pay a very high price for improving my social skills: lots and lots of rejection.

Anyway the cool thing about my new school is that it had a coed gym class, yep that means guys and girls were in the same gym class together. I didn’t think much of this until it was time for us to do swimming. That’s when I got to see many of my cute females classmates in bathing suits, no big deal to you but a huge one for me. Up until this point I only saw girls in bathing suits on TV. And then I noticed her in all her beauty, it was this girl in my gym class, when we did swimming she wore this hot blue bathing suit, her name was Valery…

Will I talk to her? or Will I chicken out? What happens next? My eyes are burning, and I’m tired so I’ll continue my story in a future post. I’m still experimenting with more personal posts like these, so if you enjoy them please leave a comment and let me know, if you hate them then also let me know in the comments, thanks.

My Story – Part 1

Who am i? Well you might already know my name is Andrew.  I currently live in Chicago, IL.  I’m 24 and I would like to tell you my story…

I was born in Egypt and I moved to America when I was 12.  Move here was probably the toughest thing I’ve ever done, it left me depressed for a year or two.  I didn’t know the language well, I didn’t have friends, and worst of all there were no ESL (English as a Second Language) classes in my small high school.  As a matter of fact I would have the teacher write down the homework assignments for me, and have my cousins translate it for me and help me do it.

I still remember my first year in an American school.  It was so eventful, almost like a drama.  I got picked on daily by a couple of kids.  They made fun of my clothing, you see I wore the same outfit twice in a shirt two days in a row ;) this was fine in my country back home but I quickly learned it was a big NO NO here in America :)

One day this kid was picking on me and I finally had it, I was fed up.  So I grabbed him from his t-shirt, pulled him toward me, his t-shirt ripped, he got embaressed b/c everyone was watching at this point and he ran off.  After that no one ever missed with me again, and a crazier thing even happened…

It was a week or so before valentine’s day at the time.  When valentine’s day came up I got roses from three different girls (2 of which were pretty hot, yeh I still don’t get it, I think it’s because I was the new kid and it was a small town without any diversity).

Of course I didn’t even know what valentine’s day was at the time.  A couple of the girls even asked me to some dance our school were having.  Due to the language barrier and everything else that was going on nothing really happened…

to be continued?

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please let me know in a comment and I will write some more about my story.

Update: I wrote Part 2 of my Story, you can find it here.

How to Keep Your Business Growing in Today’s Bad Economy

Maybe you have a business of your own and have recently noticed that sales are down.  Many small businesses have died due to today’s bad economy leaving their owners devastated.  The economy simply keeps getting worse each day and it still hasn’t hit rock bottom.  Maybe you even have all kinds of ideas to grow your business yet you’re short on cash.  Well I recently came across a Credit Card Factoring company which basically turns your future credit card sales into cash by giving you a business cash advance. This is a great opportunity especially if you’re considering accepting credit cards in your business since more and more people today use them. (the same credit card factoring company) also offers fast business loans with more leanient requirements for approaval (unlike the stringet requirement of traditional banks), and no fees or closing cost.  This can be a great source of funding for your current business in today’s bad economy.

Even if you don’t have a business and were considering starting one this can really help you out.  Starting a business can be costly, and getting a fast business loan can really help you get started.  Just think of how nice it would be to be your own boss for once and let your creativity flow.

Giving Back to Others

Often we go through life in a very selfish state where all we want to do is take, take, take.  Kind of like that game “the hungry hippos”.  I had this thought the other day and questioned myself “would making more money, taking care of my health, or pursuing any other goal I had be worth while if I lived by myself on an island away from any other human being?”

While it’s hard to imagine, when I really got into it, I realized that NO, no goals are woth pursuing if I had no one to share my life with whether it’s a friend or a lover.  That’s when I kind of realized that giving back to others is almost like an inate need we often supress.  Giving back to others is the only way I know of to make friends however we often neglect it and just get stuck in our selfish thoughts.  What’s one way you can give back to someone today?