Comfort Zone Zombies – 7 day Challenge

Do you feel like today is just another day? When was the last time you felt an adrenaline rush? When was the last time you’ve taken a risk? Do you really feel alive? If you were to find out that today was your last, would you be content with your life so far? would you be content with your accomplishments? Do you feel like you have been living at your edge, doing your best? Do you feel like you have a very rich life experience? Have you done all the traveling you would like? Have you tried all the new activities that interest you? Have you been pursuing all of your dreams?

Zombies are characterized as mechanical beings lacking consciousness, they are robots lacking real emotions and spirituality. I believe that by default we are zombies. It’s very easy for us to follow the rest of the herd, do only what everyone else thinks is appropriate and condemn what everyone else thinks is wrong. It’s also very comfortable for us to do the familiar, to go out with the same friends to the same places doing the same activities. I have to admit I’m guilty to living like a zombie lately. As a result I’ve been feeling dead inside. The last time I tried something new, or felt that adrenaline rush was 2 weeks ago, when I was out and approached a beautiful woman who I was interested in meeting. It was a great interaction and I remember when it was happening I felt alive, I felt like I was challenging myself appropriately. I wasn’t doing something too easy, yet I wasn’t doing something too hard, it was just right. Interestingly enough I also forgot the past, forgot the future, and all I was focused on was the present moment. Now that’s one example of many I can think of. Another time I felt alive was when I dropped into my manager’s office and put it my 30 day resignation notice. I have been wanting to quit my job for the past 6 months, yet I couldn’t do it, even though I knew I would be fine. I don’t have any loans or mortgages to pay or a family to take care of, so worst case scenario would be getting another job doing the same thing at a different company, basically getting back to where I left off. However, the better case scenario, and also the more probable one is having some free time to reflect on my life, finding out what I really want to do, and eventually getting a job that’s more aligned with my goals and preferences.

In both of the those scenarios I had to jump out of my comfort zone, life was becoming too easy, too mundane, and I felt like a zombie. Now I wouldn’t call my actions dangerous risks in any way shape or form, rather calculated risks. Before resigning at my job I have thought about it long and hard for 2 weeks. I have thought of the worst case scenario, best case scenario, and most importantly the probable case scenario or what would most likely happen. Am I saying you should quit your job? No. I’m just trying to get you to reflect on your life, when was the last time you had an emotional spike? When was the last time you felt that adrenaline rush? When was the last time you made a decision and followed through with it even though most people would consider it foolish? When was the last time you went against the herd? Be careful not to become a comfort zone zombie, take a jump, a small one even, get out of your comfort zone.

I propose a 7 day challenge starting now. Right now think of something a little uncomfortable or new and do it, something that makes you a little nervous yet isn’t really that dangerous just unfamiliar. Repeat this process for the next 6 days, each day performing a new uncomfortable action. I will do this myself and report back on this blog. Here are some examples to get your started, however I do realize that everyone is different and what’s uncomfortable for one person might be very comfy for the next, so make sure that you are challenging yourself appropriately….

– Talk to a stranger on the street, at a store or any other public gathering for 2 minutes, get to know them a little and then wish them a great day
– Sign up for a class to learn something new like salsa dancing, martial arts, public speaking, acting, or stand up
– Wear a strange funny article of clothing and go out in public, like a tie over a t-shirt, a large magician hat, a huge fake diamond ring
– Go to a karaoke bar and sing your favorite song

What’s the purpose of all this you might ask? well after 7 days of doing this, two things will happen. First, you will start feeling alive, you will be enjoying the moment a lot more and feel more content because you’ll know you are living at your edge. Second, you will start noticing all of the limiting beliefs you had, things you thought you couldn’t do but all of a sudden are doing. You will realize that your potential is only limited by your own beliefs which you have 100% control over. You must start the 7 day challenge right now, even if that means going online and signing up for a class to learn something new, otherwise you will probably put it off and never start it.