Make an Extra 150 DOLLARS a Month – Anyone can do this

Associated Content offers an upfront average payment of $4-$8 for each article your write for them. While their website says that it may take up to 2 weeks for a submitted article to be reviewed, on average my articles get reviewed within 5 days. Here are some of the few types of articles you can write for Associated Content:

  • General Articles – Can be about any topic of interest
  • Local Activities or Events – Whats going on in your neighborhood this week?
  • Local Attractions – What are some of yours? Where do you take your relatives when they visit?
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Real Estate – Are you or any of your friends listing a property for sale?
  • Local Schools
  • College Research Paper – Put any of your old college research papers to use
  • Editorial – Opinion pieces, social and political commentaries
  • Guides – Products, how-to’s
  • Interviews – with famous people, community heroes and other interesting folks
  • News Items – Any new hot piece of news
  • Reviews – Review just about any book, movie or product
  • Short Story – Feeling creative maybe adventurous?
  • Travel Guides – Where did you take your last trip? Where did you stay?

Associated Content also lets you submit audio. Audio includes original songs, compositions, “how-to’s” and jokes. Associated Content also lets you submit videos. A video can be an animation, tutorial, news, videoblog, or a home video.

Associated Content also provides performance pay for your articles. This is based on how many views your article gets. To get more views make sure you have a popular keyword rich title for the article. Also make sure to mention many of the title’s main keywords frequently throughout the article. For example, if the article is titled “Popular Christmas Gifts on Everyone’s List”, the keyword’s “Christmas”, “Gifts”, “List” should appear frequently throughout the article. This type of article would get many visits during the Christmas season since people frequently search for popular Christmas gift ideas online during the holiday season. The more visits your article gets the higher your performance pay will be. My friend who has referred me to Associated Content is earning $30-$40 monthly from Associated content only from performance pay for a handful of keyword rich articles he submitted.

If you submit one article a day to Associate Content you will earn $5 on average which is about $150 of extra an income a month or $1800 a year. Not a bad chunk of change. This is also not counting all the extra performance pay your articles will earn. I highly recommend you give Associated Content a try today.