33 Reasons to Start a Blog

1. Blogs are a great way to express yourself and your unique personality, whether it’s through what you write, or your blog’s colors

2. A blog is a great way to build a small network of readers with similar interests or hobbies

3. A blog is a great way to promote a business or a product

4. A blog is a great way to make a difference and raise awareness about certain topics mass media ignores or would rather not discuss

5. Writing on your blog is a great way to express your freedom of speech

6. Writing on a blog and attracting a wide readership might make you famous one day

7. It’s easy to make money if your blog becomes popular, all you have to do is insert ads

8. Posting on your blog is a great way to vent

9. A blog can land you a job opportunity, especially if it attracts a wide readership and you become recognized as an expert in your niche

10. A blog can land you an offer to be a on a reality show, this has happened to me personally. At this time I cannot provide any additional info, however if everything goes as planned and I do participate in the show, I will be posting more about it.

11. Starting a blog and maintaining it is very easy and it’s free. It doesn’t require any html or programming knowledge, you can start your free blog right away by visiting Blogger or Word Press

12. Having a blog and posting on it frequently allows you to reflect back on your growth and development

13. Writing on a blog will help you become more aware of your common spelling mistakes, and automatically improve your spelling, it sure has improved mine ;) feel free to point out any spelling or grammatical errors in this post

14. Posting on a blog is a great way to get regular feedback in your niche and on your ideas

15. Your own blog can be a great place to post your own reviews and recommendations

16. Adding a blog to your existing site can regularly bring in a fresh stream of visitors increasing traffic and exposure

17. Regularly posting to your blog can allow you to focus more on your passions and dreams

18. Blog posts are a great way to generate some criticism from others. Criticism can be either entertaining if it’s stupid and shallow, or it can be insightful and help you discover more about your personality.

19. There are many blogs out there that duplicate information and news, if you have unique original thoughts and ideas, your blog will be a great addition to the web

20. You have got nothing to lose, worst case scenario you’ll have a story to tell about how that one time you read this stupid post and decided to start a blog ;)

21. Blogs are not just for computer nerds and geeks anymore, even small businesses are encourage to start their own blog for marketing and promotion purposes

22. A blog is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family, just give them your blog’s URL

23. Blogging can be fun, especially with many of todays add-ins and plug-ins that let you customize your blog

24. A blog is a great way to get more myspace and facebook friends with similar hobbies and interests, just post your myspace or facebook profile link on your blog

25. Many bloggers have turned their blogs into published books, who knows you might end up with your own book one day, and then I’ll just magically appear like a crazy genie screaming “I told you so” ;)

26. Your blog can be a great place to post online voting polls and find out what other people think

27. Through your blog you can get to communicate and know people from all over the world, people you wouldn’t have gotten to talk to otherwise.

28. Once you start writing on your blog, you will realize that you know much more about certain topics than you thought

29. Sharing some of your life lessons on a blog is a great way of giving back to the community

30. By having your own blog you can help publicize your friends and family’s writings. A friend of mine has a great book coming out that I’m very excited about. She has discussed with me the possibility of posting a chapter or two on this blog to get feedback from readers. This is a great opportunity since I really like many of the concepts she discusses in the book.

31. Having a blog will help you stay up to date on what else is going on around the web. I have discovered many great personal development articles written by people who left comments on this blog.

32. Regularly posting on your blog is a great way to build accountability and stay on track. Many have started blogs to declare their weight loss or fitness goals publicly and regularly post on their blogs with progress and pictures. Having a community know about your goal and support you makes it a lot harder to slack off

33. A blog can be a great source of entertainment whether you are into posting funny jokes or cute pictures of cats and dogs.

I’m sure I missed some great reasons to start a blog, if you can think of any more please share them in the comments section :)