Project Weight Loss – Days 6-8

This Post is part of Project Weight Loss and a follow up to Days 3-5.

Hunger & Energy

Since I’ve been trying to eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day, I’ve noticed that I get hungry every 2-3 hours. The smaller meals are great and leave me feeling light and energized.
I have also noticed that my sleeping is much better. If I only get 5 hours of sleep on a night or two, I still wake up in the morning feeling very energized. It seem that with the healthier eating and exercising, my body has been much more efficient even during my sleeping hours.

Friends & Flu

I had some friends over yesterday who were going through my fridge trying to find some food, I knew I’m eating healthy when they made fun of the foods I had ;)
I recovered from my mild flu rather quickly, I think this is mostly due to taking one full day of rest and then gradually increasing my workout intensity in the following two days. In the past when I’ve had a flu, and decided to mostly rest for a few days, I never recovered this quick.

Weight & Body Fat Percentage Check

Day 6 – 197 pounds 23.9% Body Fat
Day 7 – 197 pounds 24.2% Body Fat
Day 8 – 195.8 pounds 23.2% Body Fat

It seems that I’m losing weight a bit too quickly, I think this is mostly because I’m still in my first week of adjusting my eating and exercising habits. I’m also a bit concerned about how I’m losing pounds while keeping a somewhat stable body fat percentage. This means that I’m not maximizing the burning of body fat and minimizing the burning of muscle tissue. If this pattern continues I will have to decrease cardio training time and increase weight lifting time.

Exercise & Workouts

Days 6-7 : I did my regular 20 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes of weight lifting and strength training.
Day 8 : This was an off day.