7 Roadblocks to Success

Take a few moments to answer the following questions by reflecting on your current lifestyle and circumstance

  • Are you successful financially or do you have credit card debt and are living from paycheck to paycheck?
  • How do you rate your love life? What about your sex life? Is it fulfilling?
  • What about your social life, are you the life of the party or the outsider trying to sneak in?
  • How much do you like your body shape? Is it satisfying when you look in the mirror or are you feeling a little ashamed of the extra pounds you have put on over the past weeks, months, or years?
  • Do you have a really exciting life? Do you often jump out of bed and can’t wait to start a new day?

Success or Failure is Usually a Pattern in One’s Life

I love writing about personal development mainly for two reason. First it allows me to reflect on myself. Secondly it forces me to constantly work on growing, improving and developing myself, otherwise I would have nothing new to write about.

Each time I meet a person who’s very successful in one area of his (or her) life, I keep noticing a reoccurring pattern. Usually he is successful in several other areas of his life. Here is a related article about how to become great and successful in any field.

Similarly, each time I meet a person who’s a failure in one area of his life, generally that failure seems to be a pattern throughout other areas of his life. Now I must clarify, by failure I’m talking about a reoccurring failure over at least months and years where there isn’t any progress, instead a lot of disappointment and even setbacks. I’m a big believer of trying and failing until one succeeds however this isn’t the kind of failure I’m talking about in this article. A good example of what I mean by failure is someone who’s constantly getting a new job for 6 months and then quitting it and repeating this for 3-4 years instead of maybe thinking he needs to switch his career choice in the first place. Another good example is someone who’s trying to lose weight who has been trying one diet after the other for 2-3 years now, losing the pounds and putting them back on, instead of starting to question if diets work in the first place. I can certainly relate to this last example which is why I started my Project Weight Loss where I’m working on implementing healthy eating and exercising habits for a lifetime and losing the weight slowly instead of just following a fad diet.