Biphasic Sleep – Day 1

This is a progress report for my Biphasic Sleep 30 day experiment

Sleeping Times

First 3 Hour Nap: 2:45 AM – 6 AM Second 3 Hour Nap: 6 PM – 9 PM

Biphasic Sleep Variables

  • Mental Alertness.  Noticed I was a bit slower in the morning.  This is probably because I was up for almost 21 hours.  I woke up at 6 AM the day before and I went to bed at 2:45 AM the following day to start my first biphasic sleeping nap.
  • Physical Energy. Felt a bit of fatigue throughout the day.  The fatigue should decrease as my body gets used to this new sleeping schedule.  I was able to get my 30 minute jog done at a 4.5 miles per hour speed.  This is a bit slower than I usually jog.  I noticed I ran out of breath very quickly.
  • Emotional State. Was a bit cranky and easily irritable. Additionally my home computer crashed.  Had to reinstall windows and everything else.  I did not lose any documents of media files since I had backups.
  • Productivity. Had no Problem going through the day and getting everything done.  I noticed I was slower with certain tasks.  I also tried to always keep busy, otherwise I’d start feeling sleepy.
  • Hunger. I did not have any major changes in my appetite.  I was a bit more hungry in the morning and craved donuts which is something I usually would not eat.  I did fall for the craving and had one glazed donut.  Yummy – I can still taste that processed food goodness, and all that extra sugar ;)
  • Eye Redness/Irritation. My eyes were a bit red and irritable.  I couldn’t put on my contacts in the morning since I had them on the night before until 2 AM.  The contacts didn’t have enough time to disinfect.  Also my eyes were very sensitive, and a bit dry.  So I put on my 3 year old super duper cool x-ray vision glasses.  I wish :) they are just a good old pair of eye glasses that I never really wore much.  Luckily the prescription isn’t too out of date.  I have to admit it felt a bit weird going out with my eye glasses on.  I’m not sure if I look better or worse, I think I just have to get used to seeing myself in the mirror with eye glasses.
  • Social Life Impact.  I was supposed to hang out with a friend after work that night.  However I couldn’t meet my friend right away since I had to take my 6 PM TO 9 PM nap.  My friend was very understanding (and she was already used to my craziness) so we met at 9:30 PM and stayed up late.

Other Biphasic Sleep Observations

  • Dry Skin. I noticed my skin was a bit drier throughout the day.  I’m not sure if this is due to my new sleeping times or whether I just didn’t drink enough water the day before.
  • Energetic Night. After my 6 PM -9 PM nap I felt very energized.  Most of my fatigue was gone, and I even felt my mind was a bit more focused.  I was also able to fix my computer :)