Biphasic Sleep – Day 2

This is a progress report for my Biphasic Sleep 30 day experiment

Sleeping Times

First 3 Hour Nap: 2:45 AM – 6 AM Second 3 Hour Nap: Skipped – I wasn’t able to fall asleep at 5:30 PM.  After laying in bed awake for a 20 minutes, I gave up and decided to skip it.  I think the lack of sleep is because my body is still getting used to my new nap times.

Biphasic Sleep Variables

  • Mental Alertness. I was very alert after waking up at 6 AM.  I actually felt very refreshed as if I’ve had a full night sleep.  This might be due to the fact that I relaxed and hung out with a friend of mine the night before instead of going out.  However I noticed my mental alertness decreasing at night around 10 PM especially since I wasn’t able to take my regular afternoon nap.
  • Physical Energy. Felt very energized from 6 AM to 4 PM.  Around 4:30 PM I started feeling tired and was ready for my afternoon nap.  I went to bed at 5:30 PM but couldn’t fall asleep.  So I got up and decided to skip the nap.  As a result around 10 PM I started feeling a lot of fatigue and a bit of muscle ache.  I was planning on going out that night with a friend, which was what I needed to stay awake.  Overall it wasn’t too bad.  I was a bit tired but was able to push through it.
  • Emotional State. Nothing special to report, felt fine throughout the day.
  • Productivity. Was able to get a lot done.  This is also due to the fact that I skipped my afternoon nap.  It seems that I always have to be doing something, otherwise I start feeling sleepy.  This biphasic sleep experiment has been keeping me very productive.
  • Food & Water Consumption.  I consumed a normal amount of food.  Didn’t really feel a major increase in appetite.  I was very thirsty throughout the day and drank a lot more water than I usually would.
  • Eye Redness/Irritation. My eyes have been a bit red and irritated.  Hopefully this will go away as my body gets used to my new sleeping hours.
  • Social Life Impact. No major social life impact for the day.

Other Biphasic Sleep Observations

  • Dry Skin. My skin was a bit dry and itchy.  I had to use some skin moisturizing lotion.  So I poured some out of my 3 year-old big bottle of skin moisturizer :) As you can tell I probably don’t moisturize my skin as often as I should be.  There goes my modeling career down the toilet ;)