Biphasic Sleep – Day 3

This is a progress report for my Biphasic Sleep 30 day experiment

Sleeping Times

First 3 Hour Nap: 3 AM – 6 AM Second 3 Hour Nap: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Biphasic Sleep Variables

  • Mental Alertness. I was very mentally alert throughout the day.
  • Physical Energy. Felt an even steady energy level most of the day.  I also put in a weight lifting workout in the morning.  I worked out my chest and biceps and was able to lift the normal amount of weight I’d usually lift.  I did the workout in 35 minutes instead of my usual 45 minutes.  I noticed that my body was starting to feel fatigued and my muscles were starting to ache towards the end.  So I guess I will need to probably keep my weight lifting workout a few minutes shorter for now.  Overall it was a pretty good workout :)
  • Emotional State. Nothing interesting to report, felt great throughout the day.
  • Productivity. Got the following done: 3-4 hours of reading, 2 hours of listening and sampling new music, 2 hours of writing, 1 hour of grocery shopping, 5 hours of hanging out with a friend at night.
  • Food & Water Consumption. I consumed a normal amount of food.  I was still a bit thirsty throughout the day and therefore consumed more water than I usually would.
  • Eye Redness/Irritation. My eye redness/irritation is decreasing.
  • Social Life Impact. Made plans to see my parents in a couple of days.  Had to let my mom know of my new sleeping schedule and we were able to arrange an appropriate time.  She told me to be careful with my new crazy sleeping times :)

Other Biphasic Sleep Observations

  • Dry Skin. My skin is starting to feel more moisturized.  The skin dryness is 50% gone.