Biphasic Sleep – Day 4

This is a progress report for my Biphasic Sleep 30 day experiment.

Sleeping Times

First 3 Hour Nap: 5 AM – 8AM.  Was out a little late and didn’t get to bed until 5 AM.  I still took a 3 hour nap.
Second 3 Hour Nap: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.  Since I took my first nap late, I only slept for an hour and a half during my second nap.

Biphasic Sleep Variables

  • Mental Alertness. I was very mentally alert throughout the day.  I would say I’m certainly as alert as I was with a regular full night sleep.
  • Physical Energy. Feeling very energetic.  It seems that all the fatigue and muscle ache is gone.  I only slightly feel it during my weight lifting workouts.
  • Emotional State. Nothing interesting to report, felt great throughout the day.
  • Productivity. This was more of a relaxing day for me.  However I still got to do a lot.
  • Food & Water Consumption. I consumed a normal amount of food.  I was still a bit thirsty throughout the day and therefore consumed more water than I usually would.  I’m noticing if I’m not careful about consuming plenty of water, my mouth really dries up.
  • Eye Redness/Irritation. My eye redness/irritation is decreasing.
  • Social Life Impact. Not that big of an impact.  Since I can take a nap an hour or two later, or cut down a 3 hour nap to 1.5 hours, it seems like I have more than enough flexibility.

Other Biphasic Sleep Observations

  • Dry Skin. My skin is feeling more moisturized.  The skin dryness is 75% gone.