5 Instant Energy Tips

Feeling a bit drowsy lately?  Maybe you have been feeling sluggish and tired throughout the day.  Maybe you have been feeling sleepy during the afternoons at work.  Maybe you just want to feel more energetic through the day.  Well here are some Instant Energy Tips.

  1. Take a Power Nap. Take a 5-10 minute power nap.  Sit back in your seat, close your eyes, and just let yourself fall asleep for 5-10 minutes.  You can do this on trains, buses, and even in cars as long as you aren’t driving.  You can also do it during your lunch break at work.The key is that you fall asleep sitting up on a chair.  If you fall asleep on a bed, you will be tempted to stay in bed, and it will feel like a huge hassle getting out.  However since chairs aren’t very comfortable you usually wont fall asleep for long, and will naturally wake up in a few minutes feeling refreshed and energized.  You can also try biphasic sleep if you would like to be more energetic throughout the day.
  2. Eat Smaller More Frequent Meals.Eat a small meal every 2-3 hours.  This helps keep your energy levels more even throughout the day.  I’m sure you have the experience where you eat a huge lunch, and afterwords notice a huge decrease in your productivity.  You probably felt sleepy and just wanted to go back to bed.  Maybe you even were at work, and started dozing off staring at your computer screen, and kept making sure your coworkers didn’t notice ;)
  3. Modify Boring Activities.Often I noticed that certain activities tend to leave me feeling lazy, a bit tired, and even sleepy.  Usually those activities are the boring ones, things that “I Have” to do rather than want to do.  The solution I came up with was making those activities more exciting.If I was bored at work, then I’d take a break from working and read an interesting article, check out a cool online video, take a walk around the office and talk to co-workers, send a crazy text message or two to some friends etc.  Whatever boring activity you have to do you can usually modify to be more exciting.  The more exciting an activity is the more energetic your body will feel when you do it.
  4. Use the Power of Full Focus.Often your body isn’t giving you the level of energy you need because you aren’t demanding it.  To demand more energy and more productivity out of your body use the power of full focus.  Whatever activity you are working on, give it 100% of your focus, skills, and cognitive ability.Often people fall asleep when reading because they aren’t reading fast enough.  Did you know that the faster your read the more engaged your mind is?  Your mind will increase your comprehension speed to adapt to your increased reading speed.Be fully present and focused on whatever you are doing.  Often we are either thinking about past situation or future events in our lives all the time.  This is very inefficient since we can’t control the past or the future.  This also drains our cognitive abilities, focus and our energy.
  5. Eliminate, Eliminate, and Eliminate Some More.Often we are out of energy because we are trying to do too much with our time.  Instead of focusing on the few more rewarding activities in our day, we are very passive and let ineffective useless tasks waste our time.  Use the power elimination and increase your productivity.  This will help you make more time, and have more energy for the really important tasks in your day.