Blog Carnival Submission Service – Explode Your Traffic

If you are a blogger chances are you are very familiar with Blog Carnivals. Blog carnivals are a great way to get Links to your posts and your blog, increasing your search engine ranking and your traffic. If you don’t know how blog carnivals work then check out this video.

The best thing about blog carnival traffic is that it’s targeted traffic.  Blog carnivals usually revolve around one or two topics, and therefore by submitting your posts to relevant blog carnivals you can easily reach your target audience.

If you have submitted your posts and articles to blog carnivals then you probably know all the hassle and time that goes into it.  While submitting your articles to blog carnivals is very effective it’s also a long boring process that you need to do weekly to see a significant increase in your traffic.

This is why I created my Blog Carnival Submission Service.  If you already submit to blog carnivals, how would you like to outsource your blog carnival submission process and watch your email inbox fill up with blog carnival submission receipts every week?

If you are new to blog carnivals, but would like to increase your traffic and search engine rankings why not give my service a try risk free?

If you sign up today you can try it Free for 30 days. I would really appreciate your feedback on my Blog Carnival Submission Service. What do you think of the idea? What do you think of the pricing? Do you have any questions or concerns?  Please share in the comments, thank you in advance for your feedback ;)