Morning Ritual – Day 3-5

This is a follow up to my Morning Ritual – Start Your Day Productive.  This post will conclude my morning ritual trial.  In this post I will summarize my findings about implementing a morning ritual, the good, the bad and the ugly ;)

I have already discussed many of the benefits of implementing a morning ritual in my day 2 post.  So it certainly is a good habit that I’d recommend anyone try implementing.  The bad news is that it takes a lot of trial and error, and discipline to implement.

Just like implementing any other healthy habits, there will be days where you totally blow it and wont feel like doing your morning ritual.  I skipped my morning ritual on day 3.  What stinks is that on day 4 it was even harder for me to get back on track.

All in all this was a great experiment.  If you have anything to share about morning rituals please leave a comment ;)