Morning Ritual – Start Your Day Productive

Your Morning Ritual is simply what you do every morning when you first wake up.  For most of us this is rushing out of bed, and trying to get to work on time.

I’ve read in my many personal development sources about the importance of a morning ritual.  This is a ritual that you come up with to start your day off.  Most sources claim that a morning ritual boosts up your productivity tremendously throughout the day.

While you are free to include anything you want in your morning ritual, some common elements are:

  • Physical activity, some kind of exercise like walking, yoga or even going to the gym
  • A healthy breakfast (many health guru’s claim that this motivates you to eat healthy the rest of the day)
  • A shower or other grooming, cleanliness activities

I decided to give the morning ritual a serious try, and wanted to keep everyone updated on my progress.  I will be trying it for 5 days and posting everyday about my results.  Today was day 1, and here is my morning ritual:

  • Drink 0.5 Liter of Water (might add protein powder) – Many claim that this leaves your skin and body feeling healthy after the dehydration that happens during sleep.
  • Physical Activity for 30 Minutes.  This could be a walk, a run, or some weight lifting.
  • Shower
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  • Review my Goals & Visualizations & Plan Goals for the Day

In my experiment I will be checking if this really does increase my productivity, and if it’s worth the effort.

Since today was day 1, I did notice the following:

  • I woke up feeling a bit lazy, however after the physical activity portion of my morning ritual I was feeling great and ready to tack another day
  • I did get a lot more work done than usual
  • My head has been a bit clearer, and I have been feeling a bit more energetic

Also if you are interested in trying the morning ritual yourself for 5 days and reporting your results, please leave a comment below stating your interest.  I will contact you at the email address you use when submitting the comment.