How far do your horizons expand?

Note: This is a guest post by Jonathan Smit, check read more about his cool traveling experiences at his blog.

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In my opinion, our worst enemy as humans is our own mindset. It’s our very selves that hold us back from taking what we really want in life and keep us locked up within ourselves. The reason I say “in my opinion” is simply because it’s my opinion, you might think something else is our worst enemy, which is fine.

I have noticed that in different countries you get three kinds of thinkers.

First you get the ones that are absolutely happy with where they are at. They have lived in their little town their whole life and have never ventured from it.

Second, comes those that are unhappy living in the same little town, they want to see the world, explore its vastness and experience different things to what they are used to seeing.

The third one, not too many people fit into. These are the people that actually do go and see the world, they the ones that take the risk and most of the time reap the reward.

Now, you probably think what’s the reward? Let me explain like this:

I grew up in South Africa as the number two type of person, but never had an opportunity to leave. Not to long ago my opportunity arrived and I moved to the USA. When I stepped off the plane in Atlanta airport, I could immediately feel that life had so much more to it. The air felt different, it even smelled different.

These are things that are beneficial to you, by broadening your horizons you can see so much more than just what is in front of you. For those of you who have done some traveling you will no what I mean. The thinking process of those who have lived in the same little city is very different to those who have been to another country.

If you fall into category one and you are happy there, that is perfectly fine. But remember that there is a much bigger world out there and what happens in it will affect you sometime.

Note: This was a guest post by Jonathan Smit, check read more about his cool traveling experiences at his blog.