Giving Back to Others

Often we go through life in a very selfish state where all we want to do is take, take, take.  Kind of like that game “the hungry hippos”.  I had this thought the other day and questioned myself “would making more money, taking care of my health, or pursuing any other goal I had be worth while if I lived by myself on an island away from any other human being?”

While it’s hard to imagine, when I really got into it, I realized that NO, no goals are woth pursuing if I had no one to share my life with whether it’s a friend or a lover.  That’s when I kind of realized that giving back to others is almost like an inate need we often supress.  Giving back to others is the only way I know of to make friends however we often neglect it and just get stuck in our selfish thoughts.  What’s one way you can give back to someone today?