How to Turn Your Blog Into A Money Printing Machine

Starting a blog to make money online is so popular these days.  Yet wher percentage of bloggers actually succeed?  While I think a good amount of bloggers make money online, most are making pennies a day.  Very few actually take blogging to the next level and start bringing in hundreds a day.

Now you might think that bringing in hundreds a day through your blog is going to be really tough.  If you are making pennies a day right now you might even think you’ll need to get a 100 times as many visitors to your site to make hundreds.  This is false.  If you are making pennies a day, it’s because you’re using the wrong money making model.  Use the right model that I will share with you to monetize your blog and you’ll see more and more income.

Many bloggers just slap ads on their blog (adsense and such) and then wonder why they are only making pennies.  There is nothing wrong with putting adsense on an older blog that you don’t update or that you lost interest in.  However if you have an active blog that you regularly update, adsense is a waste of space on your pages.  Instead you need to create a product.

Now creating a produc might sound complicated, it’s not.  Your product could be a telisiminar, an audio recording, or just simply a pdf ebook.  Let’s start with the ebook.  It’s the easiest and quickest to create.  So how do you create one?

First you start out by surveying your blog readers.  Lets say you write on weight loss.  Post a survey asking your readers what their biggest pains and frusterations with weight loss are.  Now take their responses and their issues, do research, and write out the solutios in an ebook.  Once the ebook is done, sell it through your blog.  Your readers will certainly buy it because inside is the answers to the questions they’ve already been asking.