Productivity and Success – Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Productivity is a requirement for success and success is a requirement for productivity.  It might be obvious why you need to be productive to be successful.  In today’s busy life you are constantly getting bombarded with new info.  Most of the info is a waste of time.  However there are little gems in between that will create lots of opportunity for you.  For example, if you read 20 different posts about how to make money online, you’ll usually find that there is only one post that’s really good and that you can apply.

Being productive is a skill that one builds.  As you become more productive you become better at judging info.  You can quickly see whether a piece of information is useless (and therefore you can ignore it) or is useful (and therefore you can concentrate on it).  Productivity is also important when it comes to your thinking.  Often most of our thoughts are useless and most of our worries are a wast of time since they never come true.

Becoming mroe aware of your thoughts, your worries will help you get red of the useless ones.  It will free up your mental energy so that you can focus and concentrate on the important things in life.

By now you are probably wondering how success is a requirement for productivity.  Well if you are successful you are often rewarded for it, most commonly through money.  You can then use this money to outsource mundane tasks and therefore increase your productivity.

It’s the reason why most wealthy business men have an assistant to take care of mundane tasks for them.  However you can start being more productive without being successful.  If success is your goal then you should start trying to be more productive and efficient starting today.