Are You a Broke Genius?

A broke genius is simply someone who has great ideas all the time yet is always broke.  The most common way one becomes a broke genious is by not implementing the ideas they have.  Simply being lazy, thinking it will be too much work, or doubting one’s self will leave them a broke genius.

Whenever I’m around people I always hear them coming up with business ideas yet very rarely do I ever see them implement the ideas or at least try them out.  Is it because the ideas are stupid?  No in fact many are great.  I think is because ideas are one thing and doing the actual work is a whole other thing.  Many people look at a successful business owner and say he’s a genious, that was a great business idea blah blah blah.  Often they say that because they never started a business themselves.  If they did they’d know that even if you have a great idea you have to work your butt off to make it work.  So what idea are you going to implement?  Please share in the comments.