Business Ideas Are Worthless

Often when starting a business one is very concerned with his/her great new business ideas, sometimes even tries to keep it a secret and not share it so it’s not stolen.  I used to think the exact same way but then one day I realized that business ideas are worthless.  Here is why…

What really makes a business idea good or bad isn’t the idea itself rather it’s the result.  When youtube decided to launch their website, and then later one became successful a lot of people foolishly looked back and thought oh they had a clever business idea.  No they didn’t.  In fact youtube wasn’t even the first online video sharing site.  What YouTube had was great execution.  They build an easy to use, intuitive video portal that anyone without any technical skills could look at and instantly understand how to use.

Still think business ideas are important?  Well let me give you another example Google.  When google started their were already two huge major search engines (yahoo and msn).  So google’s idea wasn’t original by any means rather it was how they executed their idea.  They build a much more accurate search engines than anything else at that point in time.

So what’s the poing of all this?  Next time you get a business idea you gotta start executing right away, it’s the only way you’ll know whether it’s good and bad.  Often you don’t even have to worry about people stealing it, because people will only think it’s good once it’s a success at which point you will be on top anyways.