Thinking Vs Feeling

Most people generally are logical or emotional.  Let me give you an example…

A logical person is generally on time, has a tight schedule, has all kinds of goals and plans, and generally thinks before acting.  An emotional person goes with flow, tends to be late (depending on what else is going on), might have some goals yet isn’t afraid to scrap them and come up with new ones, and generally uses their feelings to decide.

Now of course every human being has a logical and an emotional side.  But for the most part when a human is conscious (for example trying to make a decision and is considering their options) they usually either decide with logic or emotion.

Now neither is better.  A logical person might make smart decisions yet at the same time can struggle with communication skills and relating to others.  An emotional person might easily relate to other yet their life might be a mess with no future goals or plans.

A good blance of both is ideal.  So if you are logical and want to learn to becom more emotional one thing you can do is performance arts.  Take dancing classes, art classes, or acting classes.  On the other hand if you are emotional and want to be a little more logical, you might consider getting a personal coach who’s very schedule and goal oriented.