What is happiness?

Are you happy?  Can you think back to your childhood?  Remember how carefree and simple life was when you were a little kid?  What happened?

Happiness what is it?  Is it a feeling?  Is it a state of mind?  Is it a degree of satisfaction?  I think it’s all three.  Happiness is certainly a feeling of satisfaction, peace and excitement as well.  Happiness is a state of positivity and optimism.  Notice how when you are happy and little annoying stressful things come up you just don’t really care?

I think the pursuit of happiness is a worthy pursuit.  Ultimately everyone’s goals in life have to do with being happier.  I don’t care of you want to be a millionaire, a monk, travel the world or find the cure for cancer, it’s all about happiness.

Now that might sound selfish, some might say but I want to help others.  Well why?  Because helping others gives one a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.  So wanting to be happy isn’t selfish, it’s natural.