Why Money is Worthless

What is the value of money?  Well it’s the value society assigns to it.  What’s the value of a five dollar bill?  Can you really explain it without thinking of what you can purchase with the bill?  A five dollar bill is just a peice of paper.  A thousand years ago it would have been worthless.  However today especially in America it has value to it.  How come?  Because as a nation we decided to give it value, we decide it to use to facilitate the exchange of goods, it’s a system of trust we agreed upon.

With the falling economy, the falling value of the dollar and the tough financial times many are wondering whether the dollar will become worthless one day.  I think that’s the wrong question.  Because the dollar is just a peice of paper.  I think one needs to focus on the work and effort that goes into making a dollar.  That work and effort is the real value.  As long as one is willing to work hard and create value for others then they will get value back.  So the question should be, am I creating value for others?  or how can I offer more value to others?