From a young age I’ve been interested in personal development, growth and transformation. Studying personal development has helped me improve my life in many ways. I found some of the best personal development advice online through blogs and as a result was motivated to start my own blog. Here is another 33 Reasons To Start a Blog.

Personal development is a very broad subject, however if you read my blog you will notice that I tend to focus on certain topics. One of my favorite topics is getting out of your Comfort Zone, because this is where all the growth, and development happens. Another topic is success and failure, Tips on Becoming Successful in any Field and 7 Roadblocks To Success. Another topic is creating healthy life-long eating and exercising habits, 100 Weight Loss Tips & Tricks and my own Project Weight Loss.

I picked the domain name PersonalHack.com for a couple of reasons. Primarily it was available for registeration. Additionally, I’ve always been interested in computers and as a result fascinated by the idea of hacking from a young age. In many ways, to grow and transform many of our bad habits into healthier habits we have to hack our own lives by chaging our thinking and our actions.

I would appreciate any comments you leave on my posts.