What is compassion?  The best definition I found is “a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering”.  Now compassion doesn’t always require suffering.  Compassion could be just a deep understanding.

The biggest inhibitor of compassion is ego.  Often we are so stuck in our own heads, in our own world, worrying aobut our own problems and issues that we never stop and sympathize with others.  Once you become aware of your ego having compassion for others will start taking care of itself.

There are a lot of benifits in having compassion for others.  For one you’ll develop much deeper more satisfying relationships and friendships.  Others will love to be around you because you’ll make them feel understood.  You’ll find out about a lot of opportunities through those kinds of social interactions.  How can you be more compassionate today?

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life?  Isn’t that the ulitmate question?  Well let me ask you what if I knew the meaning and told you, would it make your life any better? any simpler?  would it make you any happier?  I don’t know but I’m guessing probably not.  The meaning of life doesn’t really change anything about the way life is.  It might give you a sense of purpose but that’s about it.  And if all you want is purpose it’s simple really.  Just take some meditation time out and do some deep thinking, decide what you want to do with you life, and that will be your purpose.  Often one’s purose revolves around either growing in a certain way as a human being or giving something to others or both.  Here is an example “I would like to keep evolving as a human being so I can offer others a lot of value”.

Off Days

Today I’m having an “off day”.  For one it’s a Monday which might have to do with it.  But in general I notice that every week I have at least one or two off days.  Off days are those days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, don’t feel like getting any work done, don’t feel like working out etc.  The only thing you might feel like doing is watching TV or movies but even that gets boring :(

Learning to manage an off day is important because if you don’t you could easily get stuck in a squence of lazy days.  Basically on an off day one just needs to go about their day as you normally would.  They wont feel like it, everything will feel like a drag but they need to do it anyways.  They just gotta push through it whether they feel like it or not.  When is your off day?

The Joy of Simplicity

I’ve always been a simple kind of guy.  I never really liked things that are too fancy, too complicated or too complex.  When I buy a new gadget I don’t go for the fancy ones that can do everything, I just go for the ones that satisfy my basic needs.  I found in the past that buying a gadget with 20 extra features I don’t need often makes the gadget more complicated to use.  From a marketing prespective features sell.  The more features you add the more money you can ask for.  However I’ve found that from my own experience simplicity is king.  Simplicity is efficient, fast, and straight to the point.