Feel Great Now – 5 Minute Exercise

Image Source: Ferdinand Reus

Try this gratitude exercise. Different versions of this exercise are recommended in many personal development books, this is the version that worked best for me. Take out a sheet of paper, and for the next 5 minutes list everything that you are thankful for. List things that you feel great about in your life. Think about your health. Think about all the great knowledge you have access to. Think about all of today’s amazing technology. Think about all of the people in your life. Think about all of your great friends and other influential individuals in your life. Think about your family. Think about your job and your career. Think about all of the things you have achieved in the last 5 years. Maybe you have traveled and experienced new cultures. Maybe you have tried really exciting activities. Maybe you have learned many useful new skills. Think about those in your life who love you, appreciate and respect you. At the end of this exercise as you review your list, you will start feeling a lot better and appreciative of your life. You should maintain this list and add to it regularly. It’s also a great list to review when you are feeling down or lazy.