Quick Weight Loss Tips

Are you thinking of shedding your excess body weight? Is that your immediate goal? Searching for some tips that might help you? This is the right place for you. I have given some hints below that might assist you losing your body weight.

The first and foremost thing that you must keep in mind is not to avoid your meal. When you skip the meals, it would certainly push your body into a starvation mode. It’s a condition where your body would behave as though it’s starving and it will retain the fats in your body as a defensive measure. One more problem is that you might over eat at one time thinking that you are compensating for the previous meal skips.

You must be aware of how much you are eating. This is called portion control. But, it’s hard to find what your actual portion measure is. Nowadays we are having a lot of restaurants that serves us with huge quantities of delicious foods and buffet menus. You could avoid over eating by getting a clear idea on the suggested servings of each food. You must be capable of deciding the right portion of diet that you are going to have.

A lot of whole grains must be added to your diet. That includes fruits, veggies and grains that have low fat contents. They have low calories and high amount of fibers. You can eat a lot of them instead of fatty food stuffs. The fibers help us to feel always a full stomach. That means you do not over eat. Thus you will be able to get a command over your diet.

When you are purchasing any food stuff you must always make sure that you read the food label correctly. If are not able to understand the food labels accurately you can not decide on its caloric value and food portions.

Most of us do not know water is a natural medicine. Stop drinking those carbonated beverages which are cause harm to our body. Instead of having those opt for a lot of water. Practice drinking at least 2 glassful of water with every meal. Drinking water means you are well hydrated. That in turn helps you feel always full. You could also get rid of unwanted harmful calories from the sodas or other beverages,

An important thing while weight losing is to have a high metabolism. Your heart rate must increase for ensuring a proper metabolism. It is not necessary for you to spend a lot of time in the gymnasium for that matter. Just an energetic walk or jog in the morning or evening could raise your heart pumping and will ensure metabolism. Don’t begin exercising too vigorously. Maintain your own comfortable speed. You can work out for thirty minutes a day. It’s enough if you work out for five days in a week.
Ensuring a good blood sugar level is crucial. Snacks helps in maintaining a proper sugar level in blood. You can go for a snack for every three hour time period. This in turn helps in avoiding over eating at meal time. Choosing what snack you are going to eat is also very important. They must have low calories, fat and high fiber and protein contents. You might try apples and other fibrous fruits.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Are you on trying to find some natural weight loss tips to shed your uninvited body fat? Then this is the right place you are looking for. Nowadays that most foods have at the least some amount harmful greasy substances, I mean the cheese, butter and oils. Naturally, when you consume a lot of such foods you will end up looking like a couch potato. You’ll find yourself in an embarrassing position when others call you a couch potato. Let’s go ahead for some tips.

The first and foremost natural healer is water. Yes, nowadays scientists have started proving water to be the effective cure for most disease. You can even use it for weight loss. You must drink two litres of water in the morning once you are awake early in the morning. I am not joking. It’s true. Warm water is well and good. Water helps in aiding your body to feel full. It helps in body metabolism. One effective combination could be hot water and honey. You may add lemon for taste. Many have recommended third natural treatment for weight loss. Even, I have experienced this. I was weighing 100 kilos before 6 months and now I am just 83.

The next natural healers are fruits, especially fibrous fruits. Nowadays people have made it a hobby to crunch on snacks once in a while at the least have five snacks break in a day. This would certainly cause you over weight. I am not asking you stop eating snacks, rather consider what you are taking for your snacks. There a lot of fibrous fruit available. For instance, try taking an apple as a snack. You will experience the difference yourself. It makes you feel full. Thus you do not opt for another snack too soon.

Have you got any idea on portion size? It is the amount of food that you consume at a time. There is a prescribed portion size for every foodstuff available. Make it a point to ensure with the portion size before start eating.

Emotional eating should be got rid off. Most people over eat during various emotions like joy, stress and so on. Make it a habit to have regular nutrient diet that suits your body to stay fit.
Stay away from the harmful carbonated beverages and sodas. They supply you with unwanted high calories that you might later find difficult to get rid off. You might go for fruit juices which are fresh and healthy. They help you to feel full.

Do you know about your blood sugar level? To stay fit, you must have enough blood sugar level. This could be maintained through fruits. You can take them as snacks. Not to leave vegetables. They contain huge measure of fibers. Whole grains supply you with the required protein level.

The most important natural way of weight loss is through regular exercise. It does not mean that you should start doing marathon running or spend hours of your precious time in the gym from tomorrow. It is enough if you have a brisk walk or jog early in the morning or at dusk. It increases the rate at which your heart pumps. This in turn results in body metabolism, thus, ensuring weight loss of the body.

How To Be An Attractive Woman

After reading Steve Pavlina’s article how to be a man I was intrigued by his challenge of writing a “how to be a woman” article. Being a single guy, I though I can provide an entertaining opinion of how to be an attractive woman. I can share some of the qualities I find most attractive about women that other men might relate to. I also hope that for women reading this article they will get some insight on what men really value in women.

Our society likes to focus on a woman’s external superficial beauty. A woman’s external beauty however only attracts a man’s superficial attention. Yes men will turn their heads the next time a beautiful woman passes by. However that’s not real attraction. It’s superficial attraction, the same kind an entertainer, a magician or a stand up comedian would get.

A man only becomes genuinely attracted to a woman after getting to know her. There are certain traits about a woman that men appreciate and value.

Present Mindedness

Women tend to be more present minded than men. They can easily enjoy the present moment without worrying about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. To a man this is a very attractive quality. When a man is worried or stressed out, being with a woman who is enjoying the moment can quickly snap him out of his head, and allow him to have a good time.


Women are very flexible. A woman is always willing to try new things. Whether it’s taking a new class, learning a new skill, visiting a new venue, a woman is usually excited about the opportunity. This is a very attractive quality to a man. Being with a flexible woman, helps a man expand his life experience encouraging him to get out of his comfort zone and try new things.

Emotional Freedom

Women tend to feel more than think or analyze. This is why women tend to be very intuitive. When a woman meets a new person, using body language and facial expressions, she can quickly get a feel for that person. Usually a woman’s intuition, especially in social situations, tends to be very accurate. Being with a woman can help a man think less and feel more especially in situation where thinking or analyzing isn’t necessary. This can be a very relaxing experience for a man.

Women tend to be more random than men. This is easily noticeable when two women are having a conversation and jump from one topic to the next. Men on the other hand tend to focus on the same topic, analyzing and exploring the issue at hand. While this is useful, sometimes men just need to relax and have a good time instead of always trying to get their point across. Sometimes it’s fun to talk just for the sake of talking. This is why for a man interacting with a woman who thinks a bit more randomly can be a very fun experience.


Women tend to put others first. This is a very attractive quality to a man. Sometimes a man gets caught in his ego and pride. In the short term there is nothing wrong with this. However in the long term this can create a selfish man. This is why it’s very refreshing for a man to be around a woman who is compassionate and cares about others needs.

Open Mindedness

Women tend to be very open minded. Women tend to accept different people and different situation without making a lot of judgments. This became apparent to me when I moved to America at a young age. Being the weird foreign guy in my school, I remember sometimes guys would pick on me, where as most girls found me interesting and wanted to learn more about my background.


Women can easily relate to others. A woman can easily feel the emotional state of a friend. This is a great quality which helps women understand and sympathize with others. This is a very attractive quality in women. For a man who’s going through a tough situation, feeling understood by a female friend can be a very therapeutic experience.

I hope you found this post valuable. This isn’t a topic that I’d normally discuss on my own, which is why I was excited to take on the challenge of writing this post. If you have any feedback, additions or input, you are welcome to leave a comment.

5 Motivating Quotes – Share Yours

“To escape all criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Elbert Hubbard, Designer & Writer

“There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction” John F. Kennedy

“Whenever a shred of hope is alive, you are still capable of changing your body and mind for the better. Life only passes you by when you give up on the idea that you can change”

“It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better, the credit belongs to the man of the arena who’s face is marred by dust, sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who knows the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid soles who have never known neither victory nor defeat” Teddy Roosevelt

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of man as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” – Helen Keller

Thinking Vs Feeling

Most people generally are logical or emotional.  Let me give you an example…

A logical person is generally on time, has a tight schedule, has all kinds of goals and plans, and generally thinks before acting.  An emotional person goes with flow, tends to be late (depending on what else is going on), might have some goals yet isn’t afraid to scrap them and come up with new ones, and generally uses their feelings to decide.

Now of course every human being has a logical and an emotional side.  But for the most part when a human is conscious (for example trying to make a decision and is considering their options) they usually either decide with logic or emotion.

Now neither is better.  A logical person might make smart decisions yet at the same time can struggle with communication skills and relating to others.  An emotional person might easily relate to other yet their life might be a mess with no future goals or plans.

A good blance of both is ideal.  So if you are logical and want to learn to becom more emotional one thing you can do is performance arts.  Take dancing classes, art classes, or acting classes.  On the other hand if you are emotional and want to be a little more logical, you might consider getting a personal coach who’s very schedule and goal oriented.

Real Friendships

I read some statistic the other day that the average person generally has one best friend.  I thought this was interesting.  It got me thinking about what really determines a real friendship?

I know personally I had a lot of acquaintances and coworkers in the past yet very few real friends.  Then I realized that thought times are the test of friendships, they ultimately determine whether a friendship is real or just casual.

In bad times, when one is really down, he will often seek help from his friends.  Those who really help him out and help him get back on his freet are real friends.  Those who are too busy or “can’t” help for whatever reason are just casual friends.

What is happiness?

Are you happy?  Can you think back to your childhood?  Remember how carefree and simple life was when you were a little kid?  What happened?

Happiness what is it?  Is it a feeling?  Is it a state of mind?  Is it a degree of satisfaction?  I think it’s all three.  Happiness is certainly a feeling of satisfaction, peace and excitement as well.  Happiness is a state of positivity and optimism.  Notice how when you are happy and little annoying stressful things come up you just don’t really care?

I think the pursuit of happiness is a worthy pursuit.  Ultimately everyone’s goals in life have to do with being happier.  I don’t care of you want to be a millionaire, a monk, travel the world or find the cure for cancer, it’s all about happiness.

Now that might sound selfish, some might say but I want to help others.  Well why?  Because helping others gives one a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.  So wanting to be happy isn’t selfish, it’s natural.

A New Look For This Blog

I was checking out some new themes the other day and wondering if I should change the colors or theme of this blog.  The current blog’s theme is actually a custome one.  I found a simple older theme and kept modifying it until I came up with the theme I’m using now.  I kinda of like it the way it is now because of the fast simple layout.  However I also realize that others like fancier themes and looks.  So what do you think?  Should I keep this layout?  or Should I install a fancier one?  If you are a blogger and like a certain theme for wordpress then feel free to also include a link to it in your comments, I will take a look at it.

How to Be Couragous

What is courage?  The simplest and most accurate definition I’ve heard is “doing right”.  Doing the right thing, taking the right action that’s what courage is.  Courage isn’t necesarily saving one’s life by putting yours in danger.  That usually only happens in the movies.  In our everyday lifes courage might simply mean being authentic and honest with others.  It might mean leading the life you always wanted even if others oppose your choices and your views on things.  Courage might mean simply living a lifestyle that you see fit yet your parents don’t approave of.  Courage might mean taking responsibility for your own actions and deciding to focus on what you can control instead of focusing on what’s outside of your personal boundry.  What’s one couragous act you can do today?  Please share in the comments.

Inhibitors of Creativity

The biggest inhibitor of creativity is fear of failure.  Often we don’t even let our creativity flow because we are scared of sounding foolish, or trying and failing.  When we suppress our creativity due to fear, our creativity goes away altogether.  Fear is a prerequisite to success.  To become successful at anything you must repeatedly fail at it at first.  Often failure is the best way to learn.  However we often want success without any failure which is kind of impossible.  So how are you going to let your creativity flow?