How To Be An Attractive Woman

After reading Steve Pavlina’s article how to be a man I was intrigued by his challenge of writing a “how to be a woman” article. Being a single guy, I though I can provide an entertaining opinion of how to be an attractive woman. I can share some of the qualities I find most attractive about women that other men might relate to. I also hope that for women reading this article they will get some insight on what men really value in women.

Our society likes to focus on a woman’s external superficial beauty. A woman’s external beauty however only attracts a man’s superficial attention. Yes men will turn their heads the next time a beautiful woman passes by. However that’s not real attraction. It’s superficial attraction, the same kind an entertainer, a magician or a stand up comedian would get.

A man only becomes genuinely attracted to a woman after getting to know her. There are certain traits about a woman that men appreciate and value.

Present Mindedness

Women tend to be more present minded than men. They can easily enjoy the present moment without worrying about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. To a man this is a very attractive quality. When a man is worried or stressed out, being with a woman who is enjoying the moment can quickly snap him out of his head, and allow him to have a good time.


Women are very flexible. A woman is always willing to try new things. Whether it’s taking a new class, learning a new skill, visiting a new venue, a woman is usually excited about the opportunity. This is a very attractive quality to a man. Being with a flexible woman, helps a man expand his life experience encouraging him to get out of his comfort zone and try new things.

Emotional Freedom

Women tend to feel more than think or analyze. This is why women tend to be very intuitive. When a woman meets a new person, using body language and facial expressions, she can quickly get a feel for that person. Usually a woman’s intuition, especially in social situations, tends to be very accurate. Being with a woman can help a man think less and feel more especially in situation where thinking or analyzing isn’t necessary. This can be a very relaxing experience for a man.

Women tend to be more random than men. This is easily noticeable when two women are having a conversation and jump from one topic to the next. Men on the other hand tend to focus on the same topic, analyzing and exploring the issue at hand. While this is useful, sometimes men just need to relax and have a good time instead of always trying to get their point across. Sometimes it’s fun to talk just for the sake of talking. This is why for a man interacting with a woman who thinks a bit more randomly can be a very fun experience.


Women tend to put others first. This is a very attractive quality to a man. Sometimes a man gets caught in his ego and pride. In the short term there is nothing wrong with this. However in the long term this can create a selfish man. This is why it’s very refreshing for a man to be around a woman who is compassionate and cares about others needs.

Open Mindedness

Women tend to be very open minded. Women tend to accept different people and different situation without making a lot of judgments. This became apparent to me when I moved to America at a young age. Being the weird foreign guy in my school, I remember sometimes guys would pick on me, where as most girls found me interesting and wanted to learn more about my background.


Women can easily relate to others. A woman can easily feel the emotional state of a friend. This is a great quality which helps women understand and sympathize with others. This is a very attractive quality in women. For a man who’s going through a tough situation, feeling understood by a female friend can be a very therapeutic experience.

I hope you found this post valuable. This isn’t a topic that I’d normally discuss on my own, which is why I was excited to take on the challenge of writing this post. If you have any feedback, additions or input, you are welcome to leave a comment.