What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life?  Isn’t that the ulitmate question?  Well let me ask you what if I knew the meaning and told you, would it make your life any better? any simpler?  would it make you any happier?  I don’t know but I’m guessing probably not.  The meaning of life doesn’t really change anything about the way life is.  It might give you a sense of purpose but that’s about it.  And if all you want is purpose it’s simple really.  Just take some meditation time out and do some deep thinking, decide what you want to do with you life, and that will be your purpose.  Often one’s purose revolves around either growing in a certain way as a human being or giving something to others or both.  Here is an example “I would like to keep evolving as a human being so I can offer others a lot of value”.