5 SEO Tips – Get BackLinks For Free

Maybe you are a blogger.  Or maybe you have your own personal site that you want to promote, and get more traffic for.  The following Tips will help you get more search engine results for your website.  They will also teach you how to get backlinks to your site.  In other words get other websites linking to yours.  These will raise your search engine ranking, and bring you lots of good traffic also.  Here are the tips:

  1. Submit Your Site to Google. Visit google webmaster tools, login with your google account, add your site and verify it.  After verifying site, it will usually take a week for google to crawl your site.  Check the diagnostics section for google’s crawling results.
  2. Submit Your Site to YahooVisit Yahoo to Submit Your Site.  Add Your Site. Authenticate Your Site. It takes Yahoo a little longer than google to verify that you own the site, usually a day or two.  After authentication it takes Yahoo another 7 days to start crawling your website.
  3. Submit Your Site to MSN. Go to MSN Webmaster. Sign in with Your MSN account.Add Your site.  Upload XML file provided to you by MSN to verify your site.
  4. Add Your Website to Web Directories. This will help you get lots of backlinks.  Backlinks increase your search engine ranking.  Visit The Strongest Links which lists lots of web directories you can submit your site to.   Read these common web directory submission mistakes.  With many of the directories you have to dig down into their categories before you’ll see a “Submit URL” or “Submit Your Site” link.
  5. Get Backlinks from Similar Sites
    Step 1 – Build List of a few keywords that you think users will search for to access your site.Step 2 – Also think of related terms and keywords that users might alternatively use when searching for your site.

    Step 3 – Search google for your terms or keywords.  Note url’s of those sites.  Visit each one of those sites.  Use Firefox SEO plugin to learn more about each site.  Find contact information for each site owner.  You can usually find this in the contact page.  If you can’t find the contact information on the page enter the website’s url in a whois site.  If you can find a phone number in the whois site, it’s best to call rather than email.  Calling is much more dependable.

    Step 4 – To get site to link to you it’s better to get a one-way link: A link from their site to yours without your site linking back to theirs.  Sometimes the only way to get a link is to pay for it.  If that’s the case then try to pay for a permanent link and have them sign a contract.  Most websites will give you a permanent link for $50.  If you don’t or cant pay for a one-way link, then do a link exchange where both your site and theirs link to each other.

    If you want to get a one way link for free from another site, here is how to do it.  You must create a friendship with the webmaster.  Write an introductory email, build a friendship before asking for link.  Another way to do it is to contact webmaster in a very honest direct way including your link in your email.  The best way is to call webmaster and talk to them in person.  It’s much harder for people to say no on the phone.  Let them know that you enjoy their site, value it, tell them about yourself, how you can help their site, maybe by writing content (that their site is currently missing and would be helpful).

    When getting a back link, try to get a deep back link.  Instead of just linking to your homepage, try to get links to deep portions of your website.  This helps the search engine make other sections of your website more popular and give them a higher rank.

    Also when getting a back link, try to get the webmaster to put a phrase or keyword that you want to rank for in your anchor text.  Make sure to change the anchor text for different backlinks.  If you don’t and Google sees that you got a 1000 backlinks with the same anchor text they might think you are spamming.